The Ten Most Popular Diamond Cuts

The Ten Most Popular Diamond Cuts

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Popular Diamond Cuts

People often use the terms “cut” and “shape” interchangeably, but this is not right. While “cut” refers to how the cut proportions of the stone reflect the light, shape just means how it physically looks.

Each diamond shape has its own sparkle, and affect how shiny the stone is. So let us briefly go over the most popular shapes.

Round Brilliant

This is the most traditional and popular diamond shape. People love it for the unmatched beauty and brilliance. It is also the most coveted of all shapes. When customers visit any store, this is what they first seek there. For this reason, most online retailers including Beverly Diamond sell engagement rings set with the round brilliant stones.


The second most popular diamond cut is this one. A princess cut diamond an excellent option for people who prefer the more modern square shape to the traditional round. It offers much of the sparkle of the round brilliant stone, yet offers a more contemporary shape.


This is known as a cushion cut diamond because it looks like a pillow. Besides, the softly rounded edges of it are perfect for those who seek a romantic look. That said, it is not just as brilliant as the other diamond cuts.


An oval-shaped diamond looks bigger than the round brilliant cut one, and it makes the girl wearer’s finger appear more slender and longer. The round and oval shapes are made by cutting in the same pattern, so these are very similar in terms of the brilliance factor.


This one has a similar shape to the football used in the NFL. The stone appears the biggest of all cuts. To make a short finger look bigger, this is one of the three diamond shapes you can choose. The third shape is the following one.


Also called the ‘teardrop’ diamond, this shape offers a cross between both the marquise and round cuts. It is a unique and stunning diamond, which looks particularly good when set in a halo of other stones.


This diamond cut earned its name due to the way it looks: square like an emerald. The vintage-cut emerald stone exudes the kind of glamour, which serves as a throwback to the 1920’s Art Deco-style.


This can be thought of as the 21-st century upgrade to the emerald cut. An Asscher diamond is square-shaped and relatively more sparkly. It is ideal for those with a vintage taste, but also with a modern flair.


Combining the best features of some cuts, the radiant cut diamond exhibits intense sparkle. Due to its cropped corners, it is a good option for active people who prefer either a rectangular- or square-shaped stone.


This is for the hardcore romantic. As the name implies, a heart cut diamond looks the same as our heart. It looks best when used as a solitaire.

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