What to Do Following a Truck Accident in California

What to Do Following a Truck Accident in California

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Millions of vehicles hit California’s roads. Being adjacent to the Pacific Ocean as well as two neighboring nations makes the state a major gateway for global trade, which adds thousands of trucks to the roadways here each day.

This large-scale goods movement can lead to potential hazards on road. Unlike car crashes, accidents that involve trucks bearing heavy freight can prove disastrous, such as when a rig spills gallons of fuel on the road. It is important to know what to do following a truck accident in California, particularly if you require compensations for the losses caused by it.

The state law reflects first instincts of several drivers following an accident, which is to help the injured. Specifically, it necessitates the rendering of “reasonable assistance” to the injured person in the accident, which may require help getting them to a medical provider. It also necessitates motorists to give information like:

  • Their name or address;
  • Name or address of vehicle occupant or its owner (in case different from driver);
  • Vehicle’s registration as well as insurance; and
  • Driver’s license (in case requested).

Reporting a Truck Accident as Well as Preserving Evidence

Depending upon whether it caused any injuries, the state law may also necessitate the motorist to report it to the law enforcement officials. However, as such accidents typically involve injuries and property damage, they are better off calling the officials at the accident spot, following which they will file an official report. Police prepare it since the law of the state holds drivers liable for road or bridge damage.

The accident report could prove very useful in helping to establish drivers’ or their employers’ liability. You might also seek out for compensation from a trucking company in case it was negligent in recruiting the driver(s) or if they failed to follow the state and federal regulations applying to commercial trucking.

State laws are subject to change via the passage of fresh legislation, ruling in a higher court (comprising federal decision), ballot initiative, and via other means. If you or someone important to you has been a truck accident victim, understanding rights is the initial step to recovering for losses. That is why it is important to consult with a motorcycle accident lawyer about your case. Get started with its preliminary evaluation through the professional. They will have the most updated information about the state law concerning this.

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