Can I Accidently Take Too Much CBD?

Can I Accidently Take Too Much CBD?

With the passing of the Farm bill, 2018 the field was truly changed for hemp related products. We have struck gold! The one miracle we all wanted was just an arm’s length away. CBD was the prize we won; this was a reward that was very much befitting and quite anticipated by many across the globe. The fact that countries have started opening their eyes to CBD and the plethora of benefits that it puts down on the table is in light of good things to come. People have been unnecessarily burdened by the drugs that pharma’s are pumping out, which comes with many warning labels and far reaching side effects that may seem oblivious to you now; but by the time your skin starts to sag you will be handed a laundry list of conditions and treatment.

People jumping onto the bandwagon of CBD are justified not by false promises but for its proven track record, time and time again. Had this been a 13th century Durbar, you would see a scroll rolling to the end of the room when asked by the king, of what the benefits of this CBD was? Because that is how much of benefit’s gold mine that CBD is…

From dulling out the excruciating pain as a result of autoimmune diseases to the calm and lullaby like effect to make sure you sleep like a child suckling your thumbs; CBD is a multi-faceted warrior. A jack of all trades if you must say!

But the reason you even began to read through this article is an attempt to understand what could go wrong, that is if at all it would, if you end up taking a tad more CBD than you were supposed to. Well for that, you must understand a thing or two of what CBD is all about.

The Miracle drug: Cannabidiol

The miracle drug is hidden away amongst 100s of other such ingredients in a seemingly innocent cannabis plant. It is not just marijuana, but CBD also has its place famously in hemp plant as well. CBD and all the gang are collectively given the name of “cannabinoids”, which you will learn shortly, is very much the same thing that is inside our body as well! The list of these cannabinoid includes the addition of the famously known THC and other less known Chromenes, terpenes and flavonoids.

CBD is a class apart, given the plethora of benefits it offers, compared to its fellow brethren; you will start to question as to how this is even seemingly possible. It is now that you will agree wholeheartedly to the saying “Good things come in small packages”.

What is the cherry on top of the cake, you may ask? Well, consuming CBD will keep you as sharp as a whistle. The falsely pasted notoriety of CBD was indeed uncalled for! People often confuse CBD to be the same as marijuana. But you must understand that CBD is only a sliver of it.

For once and for all, CBD does not equal marijuana.

The effects of intoxication where you groggily stumble across the room to the couch while the munchies get the better of you, is something that is the cornerstone of a cannabinoid in marijuana called THC. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is a potent substance that is known to create the sense of high and is a strong psychoactive substance.

CBD on the other hand has no such title of “best psychoactive substance of the month” plaque on its shelf! CBD is strictly a therapeutic substance only, with no effects of psychosis!

What CBD Brings To The Table

CBD is a strong pain reliever, meaning you can chuck out that white paracetamol or aspirin tablet right out the window! The ability of CBD to reduce and control excess inflammation also helps balance out things beautifully.

This comes as a life buoy for those affected by autoimmune diseases like diabetes, HIV/Aids and Rheumatoid arthritis; CBD focuses its efforts to reduce the inflammation at problem areas and reducing damage to bone and muscle tissue.

If you are someone who gets all bogged down by the stack of files at your office desk, and find yourself breaking into a bout of cold sweat in the middle of the night; then CBD can do more than just lend a hand. You can take it when you are leaving work or just before dinner and you will find yourself in a peaceful lull. Your stress would melt away and you will find yourself sinking into the soft pillows in no time. The end result? Your sleeplessness because of anxiety disorders like PTSD, OCD and to insomnia is vanished with the snap of the fingers; you will awaken re-energised and liberated in the morning, ready to take on challenges ahead.

If you are wanting to lose weight or want to enhance healthy gut functioning, then a couple of drops of CBD into your daily regime will help you cut back and get you well on the way to getting that body you always wanted.

CBD can even help you out if you have had a bad day and just want a break! Pop in an herbal CBD capsule or indulge yourself in CBD vape from a vape pen and see your mood magically uplift. The CBD causes a surge in the production of Serotonin which is the same hormone responsible for you feeling over the moon when you ace an important exam!

To truly understand what the repercussions of ingesting an ungodly amount of CBD is, you must first understand as to what CBD does once it is in your body, what it interacts with, what changes it brings about.

The Science Of CBD

CBD plays a role in the body’s mechanism by means of interacting with receptors or neuron sites in the body. These “target sites” are those belonging to a specific system that is found in all mammals, from platypus and silver back chimpanzees to the all too familiar self in the mirror. This is called the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The smooth functioning of the Endocannabinoid system is paramount! It is responsible for a variety of functions in the body such as your cardiovascular system, mood, sleep, appetite, even your immunity systems ability to fight invading foreign bodies also hinges on your endocannabinoid system! You may have gotten a gist of what I meant when I said the ECS was “paramount.”

The human body creates its own form of cannabinoids much like CBD that attach to cannabinoid receptors on the endocannabinoid system. The CBD works in much the similar way and the cannabinoids are made to “receive” these.

The CBD interact with two very specific cannabinoid receptors called the CB1 and CB2. When the CBD molecule interacts with these receptors it produces effects in the brain, the nervous system which in turn causes the numbing of nerves at the site of pain, enhancing of mood by flooding the system with serotonin and release of pent up stress…

Now if you ask the question as to why we have such receptors, then the answer will be that the body has its own line of cannabinoids. What these are is anyone’s guess as research is on-going in this field and we will be graced with these answers sooner or later.

What Will Happen If You Take A Little “Too Much” CBD?

CBD accident like this is bound to happen especially if you have the habit of popping savoury CBD gummy bears into your mouth without a care in the world. What can you do when such a CBD accident occurs?

Just as every other thing in the world, too much of anything is bad! 2 litres of life giving, water on a daily basis will help you clear out toxins and keep you hydrated. But drink more than a litre per hour and you will be ‘water intoxicated’ and your kidneys could be severely damage. Same goes for CBD as well, and it might endanger your health!

CBD Overdose And Your Liver

One of the key concerns of a CBD overdose will be the strain on the liver. The CBD interacts with a metabolizing enzyme called cytochrome P450, in the liver. This reduces its ability to effectively weed out, break down toxins and medications; meaning these toxins stay in your body for long! You don’t need a PhD in medicine to see how that could lead to problems!

Typically, 20-80mg per day is the usual dose for an adult, and this amount goes up depending on the condition and severity of the ailment. But the minute you go beyond a particular threshold, all hell breaks loose.

The first and foremost symptom of CBD accident or overdose would have to be drowsiness and possibly passing out from the excess of CBD in your system. You will feel delirious and agitated with slurred speech. You will need to get yourself to a hospital as soon as possible, for the eventuality of flushing your stomach out is at the top of the list. You may also have situations of severe diarrhea and exhaustion.

Certainly don’t be expected to not see a shift in your appetite in the coming days. If action is taken quick enough the aftermath will not be too serious, but if you don’t get help quick enough then that could possibly even cause liver damage or even failure in severe cases.

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