Five Best Los Angeles Neighborhoods for Property Investments

Five Best Los Angeles Neighborhoods for Property Investments

When you picture Los Angeles in your mind, you may think of stunning beaches, sunsets and countless palm trees. You may be surprised at the fact that not all neighborhoods in Burbank city are near the beach or lined with the said trees. Some of LA’s coveted places to inhabit are not near the beach. So this will be a valuable list when you think about living or investing in an LA-based property. Keep reading to know more on this matter.

North Hollywood

NoHo or North Hollywood is as adjacent to the Hollywood neighborhood as possible in the San Fernando Valley. The uptown neighborhood is home to art galleries, studios, cafes, restaurants, bars, shops, etc. So it is a good idea to put money into non-residential real estate in the LA neighborhood.

Studio City

It is virtually not possible to start a discussion about LA without even a mention of the home of America’s celebrities, Hollywood. As its name implies, the Studio City neighborhood is known for being proximate to The Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros. Studios, Sony Pictures, and Paramount Pictures. Studio City also has retail therapy places, fine dining spots, parks, and many other areas of interest.

West Hollywood

Also referred to as WeHo, this is among the most popular neighborhoods situated in LA. West Hollywood real estate properties are tucked away in a township full of food and culture. It is rife with both renovated and old housing, but new communities and condominiums are also cropping up. Once these arise, the neighborhood is likely to be more sought after than it is today.

Downtown Los Angeles

As with any downtown, this area in LA is a blend of homeless people living next to the rich who try to become famous. Given the fact that most prefer renting properties here, there is no better place for one to put money into real estate for high rentals than Downtown. After all, it is LA’s central business area, in addition to being a neighborhood with over 50,000 inhabitants.

Manhattan Beach

We will not forget Los Angeles’s beaches. Manhattan Beach is among the poshest areas to inhabit in LA. Think of expensive restaurants, stunning beaches and high-end condominiums. It is among the costliest places with regards to property rates, but as an investor, you are sure to get a high ROI in the distant future.

Above shared are some of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles that you can invest in. If you would like to have more details about such neighborhoods, you can know more here.

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