How To Install A Cell Phone Booster In Your Home?

How To Install A Cell Phone Booster In Your Home?

Poor cell reception is a big problem in rural areas. Since most of us rely on smartphones to do our day to day activities, it is important to have proper cell service. If you are not getting a good cell reception at your home, you might want to improve cell coverage. The best way to do that is by installing a signal booster system.

A signal booster is a device that is designed to increase the cell signal strength to a usable level. Here are the steps that you need to follow for installing a cell phone booster in your house.

Find A Spot For Outside Antenna

The first thing you have to do while installing the signal booster system in your house is finding the best spot in your house to mount the outside antenna. The ideal location for an outside antenna is the roof of the house, where there will be minimum obstructions to block the cell signal.

If somehow roof is not an option, you can walk around the perimeter of the house with your cell phone and find a place that has better cell reception. When you find the spot, install the outside antenna there and make sure that the antenna is straight and as high as possible.

Install The Amplifier Unit

After installing the outside antenna, the next component that is to be installed is the amplifier unit. It is the responsibility of the amplifier unit to increase the cell signal strength. The amplifier should be installed near a power outlet. Also. make sure that you choose a location that is not under direct sunlight.

Mounting The Inside Antenna

It is really important to choose the location of the inside antenna carefully. The inside antenna broadcasts the boosted cell signals coming from the amplifier unit. Therefore, it should be placed in the room that needs maximum cell reception. Also, there should be enough distance between the outside antenna and the inside antenna to avoid oscillation.

Connecting The Antenna

The next step is connecting both inside and outside antennas to the amplifier unit. The antennas are connected to the amplifier using the coaxial cable. Make sure that the cable is a minimum of 10m or 15m length to ensure that it reaches the amplifier unit.

Connect To Power Supply

The last step in the installation process is connecting the amplifier unit to the power supply. If the installation process is successful, the light indicator on the booster will turn on. You can then take  out your cell phone and check whether you are getting a proper cell signal.

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