A Note on Truck Accidents and Insurance Companies

A Note on Truck Accidents and Insurance Companies

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When a truck collides with another truck or vehicle, the result will be terrible. The intensity of truck accidents differs by the length and weight of the truck and the type of cargo carried. By having good insurance coverage, damages of truck accidents can be covered to an extent. Below are a few points on how trucking companies can protect themselves with insurance coverage.

Trucking Insurance and Personal Insurance

Personal insurance coverage helps to overcome the financial loss and damages of drivers involved in the truck accident. And for trucking companies, trucking insurance protects their business interests and financial loss.

What Type of Insurance Should Truckers Purchase?

The insurance coverage for truckers and trucking companies is different from that of motor vehicle insurance. It is recommended to purchase insurance having following coverage for truckers and trucking companies.

  • Cargo coverage for goods carried by truck
  • Physical damage coverage
  • Warehouse coverage for stored cargos
  • General liability coverage for financial issues in business
  • Primary auto liability to protect the trucker and trucking company, if a third party is injured in an accident.

Approaches for Resolving an Insurance Claim after a Truck Crash

If a trucker or trucking company wants to claim insurance after a truck crash, first seek the help of an experienced truck accident attorney. Then collect and submit necessary data showing the behavior of the driver and condition of the truck to prove it was not the trucker‘s fault which caused the accident. Also document the physical damages and medical expenses needed for the truck driver, with the help of your attorney.

When is an Insurance Claim Settled?

There are some factors which affect the period of an insurance claim. They are:

  • Insurance policy value
  • The time required for the full recovery of truck accident victims
  • Involvement of multiple insurance policies in the case
  • The time needed for negotiating the settlement amount

Why Hiring an Attorney is Important for Settling a Claim?

Compared to other road accidents, a truck accident is highly complicated. As damages caused by a truck accident are heavy, having a good insurance policy with the necessary coverage amount is important. If you own a trucking company, hire an attorney who has experience in dealing with truck accident cases. The attorney will help you to claim the insurance, present the case before the court and insurance company and resolve your claims as quickly as possible.

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