All About Truck Accident Settlements

All About Truck Accident Settlements

Truck Accident
Truck Accident Settlements

A truck accident involves a bigger settlement amount than the other vehicles. There are several reasons behind this. The insurance requirements for commercial trucks are quite high. Besides, a victim of a commercial truck accident usually sues the trucking company also. This is in addition to suing the faulty driver of the passenger vehicle.

The truck drivers in California adhere to stricter rules when compared to drivers of other vehicles. There are several high-standard measures that the drivers have to take before they can acquire a commercial driver’s license. This includes rigorous training and getting used to safety regulations. One of the regulations includes the denial of permission to drive continuously for more than 11 hours. In case the driver violates these rules and leads to an accident, the driver will face charges of criminal penalties, apart from personal injury liability.

Average Truck Accident Settlement- Influential Factors

Several factors affect your truck accident settlement:-

•    Liability

This depends on the number of parties that can be held responsible for the accident. The number of drivers working for the same trucking company is considered when evaluating this factor. The defects in the truck are taken into account. The partial fault of the driver is also considered. A personal injury lawyer California would remind you that the country is a pure comparative negligence state. This implies that the recoverable damages you deserve would be negated by the percentage of fault you make in the accident.

•    The Severity Of Injury Or Disability

The extent of the injuries caused is a major factor in determining the settlement. The more serious your injury, the larger is the settlement amount. Besides, your ability to recover the lost income would be evaluated and so would be the ability to earn in the future. There would also be an examination of any prior medical condition. The compensation would be determined after carefully balancing all these factors.

•    Insurance Coverage

The insurance policies in existence are also an important factor that determines the settlement amount. According to the freight that is transferred on the truck, the minimum insurance amount of the truck driver and/or the trucking company will be determined. For instance, the private carriers that move hazardous materials need a minimum of $5,000,000 as a coverage amount.

Truck accidents cause some of the most devastating damages to passengers of motorcycles, cars, bicycles and so on. If the driver of the truck and/or the trucking company is found to be at fault, you can expect the settlement to be a sizeable amount.

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