Determining Cause and Fault in Truck Accidents

Determining Cause and Fault in Truck Accidents

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Truck accidents will most probably result in some serious injuries for the people who are involved in it. If you or someone you care for is involved in a truck accident it can have a devastating effect. Considering the large size and heavy cargo trucks carry, the injuries can be life-threatening and can even involve fatalities.

It will be a relief for people who are involved in truck accidents to know that they can claim money for the injuries they have suffered because of the accident if they have not caused it. You have to consult a truck accident attorney for filing a lawsuit to claim money for the damages incurred like personal injuries, property loss, emotional trauma etc. A good truck wreck attorney will ensure the success of your claim by proving the liability of other parties involved and by identifying the causes of the accident.

Determining the Causes

Determining the liability in a truck accident can be a difficult process as it can involve more than one party. The truck driver, trucking company, cargo loading company, manufacturers etc. can carry the fault in a truck accident case. Therefore, you might not be able to determine who is at fault for the accident by yourself. But a good truck accident attorney can help you to find the real cause of the accident, thereby identifying who is at fault.

Following are some common causes that often result in truck accidents:

Inadequate training: If the truck driver hasn’t received proper training for driving such a large vehicle, he may not be able to control it adequately which can result in accidents.

Unrealistic schedules: Trucking companies sometimes give overwork load for drivers. This may persuade them to hurry up to complete their tasks. But this often leads to accidents.

Unsecured cargo: The cargo loading companies have the responsibility to load cargo securely. But if the load is loose or if the restraints used are defective then there is a high possibility for the cargo to fall out of the truck causing accidents.

Distracted Drivers: Accidents can be occurred due to the carelessness of the driver. If the driver uses mobile phone when driving the truck he can easily get distracted from the road. Other causes that distract the driver are other passengers, eating or drinking, navigation system, etc.

Drowsy Driving: If a driver works beyond the time limit that is allowed to work without sleeping, he can eventually get tired and feel sleepy. Trucking companies may impose overtime duty for drivers without thinking about the consequences. In this case, the trucking company will be held responsible for the accident.

Dangerous roads: Poor conditions of the road and improper roadside construction can also result in accidents. The construction company and government agencies will carry the liability of the accident in this case.

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