Different Types of Recoverable Truck Accident Damages

Different Types of Recoverable Truck Accident Damages

Truck Accident Attorney
Recoverable Truck Accident Damages

The number of truck accidents in the United States is increasing tremendously with every passing year. When compared to other road accidents, the injuries resulting from a truck accident will be way more severe and traumatic. The main reasons for this include the heavyweight of the vehicle, the type of load, inability to stop when rolling on the highway when running at a decent speed, etc. Typically, a truck accident victim is likely to spend around $100, 000 on his/her treatment. On top of that, most truck accident injuries are likely to end up with permanent disabilities. Needless to mention, this will badly affect the quality of their lives.

If you are involved in a catastrophic truck accident, it is significant to consult an experienced truck accident attorney and sue the truck driver or multiple parties involved. Note that you can obtain fair compensation for your financial loss and mental anguish. Some of the recoverable damages that you may consider when it comes to truck accidents are given below.

Monetary Compensation Damages

As the name indicates, monetary compensation damages tend to cover the financial expenses a truck accident victim had to suffer because of the injuries. This includes hospital bills, future treatment expenses, loss of wages, etc. Furthermore, there is no particular limit when it comes to the financial compensation that a victim can claim for. However, it will be determined based on the ability of your truck wreck lawyer, the type, duration, and extent of the injuries.

Non-Economic Compensation Damages

A credible truck accident attorney will not only argue for the economic damages that are mentioned above but also for the non-economic ones. On a related note, non-economic damages do not relate to any kind of monetary loss. Rather, it includes the emotional distress or the mental anguish suffered by a truck accident victim because of the injuries. The pain and suffering, loss of companionship or consortium, etc. are some common options in this case.

Wrongful Death Damages

When the victim dies in a truck accident, his/her family members are entitled to claim for compensation. Usually, the following factors are covered in wrongful death damages.

  • Funeral expenses
  • Loss of financial support
  • Pre-death medical expenses
  • Mental anguish caused by the demise of a loved one

In such cases, your truck wreck lawyer is likely to sue the negligent truck accident driver as well as the company that hired the driver. Depending on the circumstances, you can sue the Truck Company, truck manufacturer, government entities, etc. However, things may get complicated when dealing with multiple parties. Hence, you must be watchful to hire the services of a credible and well-versed truck accident attorney.

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