Faults of Truck Drivers and Trucking Companies in Truck Accidents

Faults of Truck Drivers and Trucking Companies in Truck Accidents

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Many of the vehicle accidents are caused by carelessness. A careless truck driver can be risky to different drivers, travelers, or walkers for any harm caused by the mishap. Driver carelessness can be proved by pointing out a traffic rule violation or by proving their inability to drive without proper safety measures. Furthermore, in a trucking mishap, the trucking organization might also be responsible for the carelessness that causes the mishap. Below is a discussion regarding the fault of the truck driver and trucking company in causing an accident.

Truck Driver Fault

Numerous tractor-trailer mishaps are brought about by truck driver’s traffic rule violations or careless driving. Instances of truck driver carelessness may include:

  • Distracted driving;
  • Driving while on medications;
  • Traveling at excessive speeds;
  • Improper path changes;
  • Failure to yield the right-of-way;
  • Not following traffic signals; or
  • Sending or receiving text messages while driving

If a truck driver violates California vehicle codes and causes a mishap, it might be sufficient proof that the truck driver was careless. In case the petty criminal offense was a considerable factor in causing the mishap, the truck driver might be held responsible to the offended party for any damage or harms.

Truck drivers may likewise be under a great deal of stress to make deliveries on a tight schedule, which can add to careless driving. The California and government law cap the number of driving hours for truck drivers.

Trucking Company Fault

The trucking organization may likewise be careless in causing a truck mishap. Trucking organizations may purposefully or carelessly violate transportation guidelines or safety prerequisites to generate maximum revenue. When these violations add to the reason for a trucking mishap, the company might be at risk for any wounds or harms caused. Instances of trucking company faults include:

• Overloading trailers;

• Allowing overweight vehicles (Vehicle Code 35551 VC);

• Letting trucks to take on uneven payload;

• Failing to keep up trucks and trailers;

• Allowing the driver to work by violating security laws;

• Negligent procurement and preparation of workers;

• Negligent upkeep of troublesome workers; or

• Allowing drivers to break hour and sleep restrictions.

California state and government guidelines restrict the truck size, route specifications, and weight for semi-trucks. However, certain trucking organizations may purposefully violate those limits and create false documents to hide the breach.

Make sure you get the help of a truck accident attorney as you seek justice after a truck trailer accident.

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