The Factors That Make a Jackknife Truck Accident Peculiar

The Factors That Make a Jackknife Truck Accident Peculiar

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The mass and massive size of a semi-truck makes it particularly dangerous when it is involved in an accident on road and highways. In fact, large trucks are to blame for the deadliest motor-vehicle crashes. These giant vehicles seem to increase in numbers in response to the ever-increasing consumer demand. With more large trucks come more crashes, and these can involve a jackknife truck crash, which tends to happen due to driver mistake.

With Highways 5 and 99, Sacramento drivers come across plenty of trucks during daily driving. Sadly, the sheer mass of these vehicles on the road increases the possibility of a jackknife truck accident and injuries. If this has occurred to you, then contact a truck accident attorney as soon as you can.

The Usual Fact about This Form of Truck Accident

In a jackknife accident, sadly the most severe injuries as well as fatalities happen not to people in the semi vehicle but in the one with passengers. Those in a smaller vehicle are even more exposed to all the forces which are at play in such an accident. Usually, a large truck has 20 to 30 times more weight than a passenger vehicle, and it is taller with a relatively higher ground clearance. Having higher ground clearance can also be disastrous when another vehicle gets caught below the truck.

Were you Involved in One?

A semi truck has a joint in between the trailer and cab, and many describe it as an “articulated” vehicle. By putting the joint in its frame, a large truck becomes more maneuverable, although it has a greater risk of causing a jackknife accident.

This is a type of accident where the cab and trailer fold toward one another, resembling a pocket knife’s closing. There are variables which could just contribute to the jackknifing of an articulated vehicle, and most of these pertain to negligence or error on the driver’s part. Here are some of the variables thereof.

  • Speeding
  • Braking in a way that is not proper for the conditions
  • Distracted driving
  • Poorly loaded cargo
  • Turning too quickly

As professionals with specialized licenses, drivers of a truck are held to a higher standard than passenger vehicle drivers. Any of the above-mentioned elements can trigger an accident, and each one is linked to the driver’s negligence. If the improperly loaded cargo was a contributing factor, however, then a driver might just share responsibility with either the trucking company or loading crew.

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