The Impact of Trucking Laws on Your Personal Injury Cases

The Impact of Trucking Laws on Your Personal Injury Cases

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There are many rules and regulations in the field of trucking and the truck drivers are expected to follow all these rules. Note that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations crafted these rules giving priority to the safety of truck drivers as well as the other people and vehicles sharing the road. One of the main issues that often lead to fatal truck crashes in California is drowsy driving.

Note that drowsy driving happens when a truck driver is behind the wheels beyond a specified time. Such issues are reported mostly in the case of commercial trucks since the drivers have to meet their target.  Additionally, drunk driving, faulty automobile parts, unskilled truck drivers are some other major causes of truck accidents. The trucking rules and regulations address all such issues. In other words, trucking laws can favor your personal injury lawsuit in multiple ways.

How trucking laws can favor your case

One of the best ways to prove the liability of the defendant in court is to prove his/her negligence towards the safety of the victim. In other words, you can obtain fair compensation for your injuries and other damages only if your truck accident attorney is able to prove that the negligence of the defendant resulted in your damages. For this, the best and easiest way is to prove that the defendant broke any of the trucking regulations.

According to California state law, ‘a violation of safety rules or laws can be considered negligence per se’. In simple words, the violation of safety rules alone is sufficient to prove the negligence of the defendant in court. Furthermore, proving safety rules violation will be way easier for a truck wreck lawyer when compared to bringing a witness to court and asking them to illustrate the accident. This is an easy way to deal with your insurance company as well.

Furthermore, trucking laws play a major role in your personal injury cases. In fact, some of these laws make sure that the victim is compensated for his/her damages. Note that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations require almost every commercial truck to carry insurance liability coverage of at least $750, 000 so that even the victims suffering from severe damages will get what they are rightfully entitled to.

Another major trucking law that is aimed at preventing crashes is the Hours of Service law. According to this, a truck driver transporting cargo is allowed to drive only for 11 hours over the course of the day and is required to take rest for at least 10 consecutive hours after that. When it comes to trucks transporting passengers, the time limitations are even stricter. Needless to mention, the drivers and the trucking companies will have to face the law in case of any safety rule violation.

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