The Seriousness Of Truck Accidents In California

The Seriousness Of Truck Accidents In California

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One of the main difficulty that usually happens on the highways, freeways and other roadways of California is the accidents caused by the trucks and other big commercial vehicles. It is not wrong to say that the journeys on the Californian roads are too risky. Many people suffer injuries and many die every year because of the accidents that take place on the Californian roads. The victims may be the motorists, passengers, pedestrians or even some cyclists. Among all the accidents that take place on the Californian roads, the truck accidents hold a major position. 

The Statistics

Since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration studies the motor vehicle accidents and their fatalities, the severity of the truck accidents in California can be easily understood using this data.

If you look into the statistics of the deaths caused by the truck accidents in California, from the year 2011, you can find that the death toll every year has been above 200. In the year 2011, 282 truck accident deaths were reported in California. In the next year, the number was 261. In 2013, 259 people lost their lives in the truck accidents that happened in California. In the year 2014, the number of fatalities increased to 301. In 2015, the truck accident deaths reported were 296. This statistics can give you an idea about the severity of truck accidents in the state.

It must also be noted that, in this five-year period, majority of the truck accident deaths occurred in Los Angeles (430 deaths). Seventy of them occurred in San Diego and 39 in Orange Country.

Causes Of The Truck Accidents

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration tracks truck accidents and their causes. They speak of the critical events and the critical reasons that lead to the truck accidents. The environment, the vehicle or the driver can be the critical reason for the crash. Adverse weather conditions or road conditions can be the environment related reasons. Sometimes it may be the improper working of the vehicle parts.

Other critical reason related to the driver can be the driver falling asleep or suffering from some health problems. The improper handling of the truck comes under the performance factors and speeding, tailgating etc, comes under decision factors.

The truck accidents will reduce considerably, if the truck drivers are careful and work responsibly. It is wise for you to seek the help of a truck accident attorney if by any chance you or your loved one undergoes a truck accident.

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