The Short Term Disability Claims for Truck Accident Survivors

The Short Term Disability Claims for Truck Accident Survivors

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Truck Accident Claims

Truck accidents are more severe and complex than road accidents that involve just cars or motorcycles. Hence, the truck accident law in California is really strict and complex. Sometimes, truck accidents can be life-threatening or result in the death of the victim. Otherwise, such accidents may often result in severe injuries in which the victims will be unable to work or lead their regular lifestyle. In case you survived the accident with serious injuries that prevent you from pursuing your career, you have every right to file a disability claim. However, it is really important to assert your rights quite well while filing a case. For this, it is better to rely on a well-versed truck accident attorney.

Before filing your case, you must be aware of your right and potential options. Note that loss of wages and medical wages can contribute to your case. Apart from this, there are many factors that you must be familiar with while going for a disability claim. Some of those specifics are listed below.

Short Term Disability Benefits

There are many short-term disability programs in California that are perfect to bridge the gap between the catastrophic accident of the survivor as well as the time taken for the person to achieve a permanent disability status. Note that the SDI (State Disability Insurance) programs in California tend to offer 52 weeks coverage to truck accident survivors who are employed in business firms. Usually, SDI benefits are likely to come around 70% of the income the victims used to make before they met with the truck accident. In addition, the victims are eligible for partial SDI benefits as well in case they had to trim down their working hours because of the accident. Furthermore, survivors will not have to worry about their federal disability benefits like Social Security Disability Insurance affecting the benefits they are likely to get through SDI programs.

It is to be noted that you will not get SDI benefits unless you contact the representatives after your truck accident. In fact, you will have to act fast since you will have to apply for SDI benefits within seven weeks after confirming the truck accident injuries that prevent you from going to work. In addition, you will have to file a claim form and get it signed by a credible medical authority to avail SDI benefits. In case you failed to act within the designated time frame, you will miss out on your chances to receive the benefits. The factors that may delay your SDI application include;

  • Inability to find a reputed truck accident attorney to file the case
  • The inability of an employer to provide necessary claim that his truck driver need
  • Order from higher authorities for the victim to get back to work before properly healing the injuries
  • Failing to get the claim signed by a medical authority on time

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