Truck Accidents and Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Truck Accidents and Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Truck Accident Attorney
Wrongful Death Lawsuits

The number of trucks rolling on the roadways of the United States is increasing every year and so is the number of truck crashes. Note that unlike the road accidents that involve cars or motorcycles, truck accidents are often devastating. In fact, the victim is likely to suffer from catastrophic injuries such as brain damage, spinal injury, compound fracture, amputation, etc., in this case. Sometimes, the accident may result in the death of the driver or a passenger. According to a report released by the Federal Motor Carrier Service Administration, American roads tend to witness around 3864 fatal truck accidents. Note that 60% of such accidents tend to occur on the rural roads and around 30% on the interstate roads.

If any of your loved ones are killed in a truck accident, it will be extremely heartbreaking and traumatic. While you will have to adjust to life without your family member and their support, you are likely to face some additional expenses and loss of income. On a related note, you can obtain financial coverage for your loss by filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the truck driver or company with the help of a credible truck accident attorney. Even though this step cannot bring back your loved one, you can hold the person responsible for your irreparable loss. Plus, you can obtain monetary coverage for the damages such as funeral expenses, medical expenses, loss of income, suffering, mental trauma, loss of support, loss of companionship, etc.

Some people may wonder about the reason behind fatal truck accidents that lead to the death of the victims. Note that not all truck accidents are alike and each accident comes with its own unique set of causes and factors. However, there are some common factors as well that contribute to fatal truck accidents involving other passenger vehicles. Some of those factors are listed below.

  • Driving too fast without taking the factors such as the traffic on the road, weather conditions, the condition of the vehicle, etc., into account.
  • Driving trucks while drowsy, sleepy, or ill.
  • Driving while focusing on other activities such as talking on mobile phones, watching videos, browsing data, etc.
  • Making an illegal maneuver.
  • Interpreting the actions of the other driver wrongly.

Furthermore, there are certain points that you must consider to file a wrongful death accident lawsuit against the truck driver or company. Some of those factors are given below.

  • The accident must be the result of the negligence of the truck driver.
  • Only the legal family members of the deceased will be able to file the case.

The truck accident lawyer must be able to prove that the family members of the deceased are suffering from financial and emotional support because of their loss.

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