Trucking Rules for Drowsy and Sleepy Driving in California

Trucking Rules for Drowsy and Sleepy Driving in California

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It is sometimes acceptable when people fail to put in their highest effort when it comes to their job. Even slacking can be tolerated every now and then a line of safety that should not be crossed regardless of the need. This is especially true in the case of trucks and trailers. Drivers operating these vehicles should pay high attention to the care of fellow passengers on highways and roads. Drowsy driving is a condition which is considered to be one in which there is a complete disregard to the safety of the fellow passengers on the road. Below are a few factors about the drowsy and sleepy driving rules in California according to the truck accident attorney.

A Legal Liability

Drowsy driving is considered a form of negligent driving in which the driver fails to fulfill the basic responsibility of care. There are legal liabilities placed on drivers who cause accidents because of their negligent driving.

The trucking community of the country includes truck drivers, their employers, and shipping and trucking companies. They are responsible for the transportation of huge amounts of goods across the country. The U.S. transportation system is the world’s largest. Hence, with the sheer magnitude of vehicles traveling, there is a high probability of a handful of accidents without even considering drowsy driving.

The instance of drowsy driving is a clear act of negligence. It is similar to other forms of negligent driving such as intoxicated driving, and use of phones while driving. These could easily lead to an otherwise preventable crash.

Businesses Contribution to Prevent Drowsy Driving For Their Workers

Businesses can help prevent the issue of drowsy driving by making slight changes in their operating practices, but that happens too rarely. This is because the companies are too attached to their line of operations, and are unwilling to consider the human element.

Consequences to Truck Drivers Who Drive Drowsy Leading To An Accident

The consequences include traffic charges stating recklessness, which could easily lead to termination of the commercial driver’s license, and loss of a livelihood. This could also lead to an inquiry into the employer’s operations and, in turn, termination of their license as well.

Besides, there is also a huge amount of guilt which can develop in those who cause major loss to someone. Apart from these factors, the families of victims may bring a lawsuit against the responsible person. This may not be restricted to truck accident law but may include a wrongful death lawsuit. This means they may have to pay compensation, of possibly millions of dollars.

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