All About Underride and Override Truck Accidents

All About Underride and Override Truck Accidents

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For any auto driver or passenger, underride and override truck accidents are maybe the most dangerous and frightening types of crashes imaginable. In these accidents, few of the auto occupants survive. Anyone who survives will very likely sustain catastrophic and permanent disability-inducing injuries.

What are These Accidents?

When a large truck rides over an automobile’s back, it is as an “override” accident. When an auto moves up underneath the rear of the truck, it is an “underride” accident. As you might presume, what usually and inevitably occurs in these situations is that it crushes the auto underneath.

The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) reports that around two-thirds of truck-and-automobile crashes are underride or override accidents.

Override accidents occur when the driver of a truck, for whatever cause, is not able to either slow down or stop prior to running over an auto. The specific reasons for override truck accidents may include the following.

  • The driver of the truck was tired, distracted, under the influence, speeding, or recklessly driving
  • It was following the auto too closely
  • Poor weather caused low visibility
  • The auto driver abruptly slowed or stopped
  • A mechanical failure occurred to either of the vehicles

The reasons for underride accidents are much the same as above. However, in several of these accidents, the negligence of the truck driver or the truck company owner can be a major factor as well. A few instances of that can be when:

  • The brake and/or taillights of the truck were either missing or faulty
  • The truck driver was parking, backing up, or changing lanes recklessly or improperly
  • Its underride guards and/or reflective tape were either missing or not visible

If you were injured in a truck accident in California, and you are sure that its driver or the truck company owner caused it through negligence, then you are entitled to full compensation and justice under the state law. Yet to proceed with the case, you will require the services of a traffic accident lawyer who can prove that you were injured, and that another person’s negligence was the reason for it.

A good motor accident lawyer will protect people’s rights, explain their options, look into the accident details, identify potentially responsible parties, negotiate upon their behalf for a fair settlement, and if required, take their case to trial. Most injury disputes are settled in California through out-of-court negotiation, but if a fair settlement is not offered to an injury victim, they have to be represented by a lawyer in court, who is aggressive in negotiation approach and has substantial trial experience.

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