All You Need to Know About Truck Only Lanes in California

All You Need to Know About Truck Only Lanes in California

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Whether you are a passenger or truck driver, often you would have felt irritated when sitting in heavy traffic congestion in the highway. Involving large trucks and semi-trucks, you may also have had distressing driving experiences. Just the reverse of this can also happen when the passenger vehicle drivers knowingly or unknowingly irritate the truck drivers. In all these circumstances, the concept of ‘Truck Only Lanes’ comes to be a great relief to both the passenger vehicle drivers and truck drivers.

What is the Truck Only Lanes All about?

Those lanes authorized for the passage for large truck on the highways are entitled as the Truck Only Lanes. Though the ideas of such as a concept had been in the plans of the concerned authority for quite a sometime, it was only implemented in recent years. Practical challenges to be met in the course of increasing the freight capacity of trucking had paved the way for the establishment of such a concept. Furthermore, many of the proponents are of the view that the common conflicts between the trucks and other drivers are lowered.

Major Pros of Truck Only Lanes

Generally, there are quite many advantages to these Truck only lanes while moving through the highways. In a larger course of time, it is the heavier trucks that are deteriorating the lanes. Henceforth, when the trucks are segregated to move about in these specified lanes, the maintenance required for mending the other lanes on a timely basis lowers to a greater extent. Moreover, the overall safety is stabilized by the steady flow of traffic by separating vehicles based on their weight and size. By these lanes, the drivers of passenger vehicles can safely share the road along with the trucks.

For the Truck Drivers

The lanes were built targeting the safety of the truck moving in large fleets in the highways. For those drivers who do not feel secure enough to drive adjacent to the trucks would slow down. Some drivers in the highway cut in front of the trucks or just drive in the blind spots of trucks, as they do not consider the distance it takes for a larger truck for halting completely. Moreover, the trucks would be able to move in a more closely spaced distance once they are in the designated lanes away from cars.

Confronting Truck Only Lanes

Not all the states and highways are equipped with Truck only lanes, but can mostly be seen in those areas where large traffic congestions are caused by large trucks moving about in between other vehicles. Take, for example, the lanes established in California on highwayI-5, here the trucks are moving in a better systematic manner along the stretch of Northern and Southern California.

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