Car Accidents Vs Commercial Truck Accidents

Car Accidents Vs Commercial Truck Accidents

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Commercial truck accidents and car accidents are two of the most common issues that tend to take a toll on the life of many people who share the road. Even though both these are road accidents and can result in either mild or severe injuries, there are some striking differences between these two collisions. This difference plays a major role in your truck or car accident claims as well. Hence, if you are ever involved in a commercial truck accident, make sure to consult a specialized truck accident attorney rather than a personal injury lawyer who deals with all kind of accidents. Some of the key differences between a commercial truck and car accident are listed below.

Size Differences

The average weight of a passenger car tends to range from 3000 to 4000 pounds. On the other hand, the weight of a fully-loaded semi-truck is likely to come up to 80000 pounds. This size difference can affect their performance on the road to a great distance. Note that the safe stopping distance for a car comes nowhere near to that of a commercial truck. In case of a truck, loos loads can fall off the vehicle and can cause accidents because of imbalance.

Plus, the size of blind spots for a truck will be much larger when compared to passenger cars because of their size. This explains why it will be hard for a truck driver to see traffic around the vehicle. As a result, the fatalities resulting from truck accidents will be much higher when compared to car accidents. No wonder, the compensation entitled to a truck accident victim is usually higher than that of a car accident victim. 

Liability Differences

When it comes to car accidents, the victims usually file a lawsuit against the car driver. In the case of truck accidents, the responsibility is often shared between truck driver, trucking company, the manufacturer of the truck, etc., based on the circumstances. Hence, it will always be challenging to determine the liability and prove a truck accident claim in comparison to a car accident claim. This explains the necessity of hiring the services of a veteran or seasoned truck wreck lawyer.

In California, semi-truck drivers are given high standards while behind the wheel. In order to avoid accidents from drowsy driving or tight schedules, they are bound to time regulations and mandated rest periods called Hours of Service. However, many drivers tend to fabricate the records and break the rule to meet their business goals. This is one of the major causes of truck accidents in California.

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