Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid After A Truck Accident

Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid After A Truck Accident

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Involving in a truck accident is very different from an accident caused by other smaller vehicles. Injuries sustained from the accidents caused by an 80,000 pound truck will be severe than in case of an accident where smaller vehicles are involved. So it is important to file a truck accident claim for compensation. Filing claims after a truck accident can be very complicated because the insurance providers of the trucking companies will do everything to avoid paying compensation or to pay fewer amounts that the victim deserved.

If you were injured in a truck accident, you deserve to get a fair compensation. People often make a lot of mistakes after truck accidents that will reduce the strength of their claim and thereby the compensation you are entitled to get. It will make it harder for your truck accident attorney to resolve your claim quickly. Most of these mistakes are easily avoidable. Here are some of the common mistakes that people make when filing a claim.

Not Filing A Police Report

It will be big mistake if you do not file a police report after a truck accident. It will give the insurance adjuster of the trucking company a great advantage. They can claim that the accident didn’t happen or the accident was your fault. A police report contains information like contact information of the drivers, witnesses and their statements. The report will also have the officer’s conclusion about the accident.

Not Getting A Medical Attention

Always remember to obtain a prompt medical care after a truck accident. If you fail to do so, it will give the insurance company an argument that your injuries were not caused from the truck accident. You should see a medical professional right away even if you not have any serious injuries.

Agreeing For A Recorded Statement

Never ever agree to give a recorded statement or answer questions to an insurance adjuster. You are not obliged to do so to settle your claim. The statement you give can be use twisted and used against you in the court.

Failing To Obtain Evidence

If you do not act immediately after the accident you will lose a lot of potential evidences that can be helpful when you file the claim. Take pictures and videos of the accident scene and the damaged vehicles. Don’t forget to take pictures of the injuries you sustained during the accident.

Not Hiring An Attorney

Truck accident laws can be really complicated. Without a lawyer who is specialized in truck accident cases, you cannot move forward. An attorney can understand the complexities of the case and will send an immediate spoliation letter to the truck company. The letter will notify them about your claim.

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