Most Common Malfunctioning Parts That Lead to Truck Accidents

Most Common Malfunctioning Parts That Lead to Truck Accidents

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Truck Accident Law

The negligence of a truck driver is the most common cause of an accident. However, numerous accidents occur due to these defective parts of a truck.

Fuel Tanks

There are side saddle fuel tanks in some commercial trucks, in spite of how risky it is to place one in that position. When it gets hit in a road accident, it may bring about a fire or an explosion. If you got burned in a collision due to the tank explosion, then your truck accident lawyer would able to find out the place from which the fire originated and whether the fuel tank position contributed to the mishap.

Brake Systems and Brakes

Brakes are an essential component of your commercial truck. The vehicle’s air brake systems make and keep compressed air transmitting pressure to its brakes, which could help stop it quickly. Should an emergency arise and your truck has to brake suddenly, then working brakes would help avert a crash.

Occasionally, brakes are faulty owing to the way these were produced. Otherwise, brake issues are the direct consequence of poor truck maintenance. Regular brake checks help identify any issues with its air brake systems, like problems with brake lines or hoses. Drum brakes have to be inspected for overheating or cracks.

Oftentimes, there are signs if the brake system of your truck is compromised, like liquid on the ground, screeching sounds, vibrations and dash lights. If these warnings were ignored, then the driver, the trucking company, or the entity which serviced the automobile could be held legally responsible for the resulting injuries.


A tire blowout is one more common cause of a truck accident. Blowouts can happen when tires are not appropriately inflated or are worn down. The tires of a truck can wear faster when these parts are not maintained the way they should be, which makes it trickier for drivers to handle it.

It is possible to avoid most of these issues through careful examination of the tires’ tread depth, air pressure, and tread separation. Tire inspection services should also check them for cuts and cracks.

Windshield Wipers

Truck drivers need windshield wipers to clear their windshield of raindrops and any other obstruction to vision. If the wipers of a truck are not in working order, the driver may not be able to see other vehicles or dangers on the road when going through heavy downpour or other bad weather conditions.

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