Restrictions Imposed on Trucks in California

Restrictions Imposed on Trucks in California

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When driving down a busy highway, having semi-trucks and such can prove stressful. This is a normal thing for the average driver. Differences in speeds and sizes are a common cause of vehicle accidents on the highway, and often result in fatalities. This is a major reason behind states like California having laws limiting the lanes, which larger trucks get to use, so as to promote safer traffic flow on roads.

California’s Truck Regulations

The state of California has a markedly high number of vehicles driven on its highways. In a bid to ensure safety for all motorists, various restrictions are imposed, details about which are given in the state’s vehicle code. Large trucks carrying three axels or more, as well as towing vehicles and u-hauls, have their permissible speed limited to 55 mph on highways.

Lane Restrictions

The state places limitations on the specific lanes that larger, heavier vehicles get to use. It has been conclusively shown that significant speed variances are capable of causing accidents when a vehicle slows down or changes lanes. This is why in certain cases, California bans slower-moving vehicles from using highways’ left lanes – these are generally meant for slower-moving vehicles.

Lanes allowed to trucks and the like, would also be based on how many lanes the highway has in total. If this number is no higher than three, then the truck driver is required to hold to the lane on the far right. In the case of four lanes or more, two of the right-hand lanes are open for use by heavier vehicles.

Another requirement under California law is that slower-moving vehicles of any size should use the right-hand lanes no matter what size they are. Some highways have “truck only lanes”, which are expressly set up to separate trucks from the remainder of the traffic.

Enforcement of Truck Laws

The state has the California Highway Patrol working to enforce lane restrictions on several highways running through the state. When driving on a highway in California, you might see specific police vehicles that are operated under commercial vehicle enforcement. Any larger vehicles found violating speed or lane regulations could be stopped and fined for the offence.

If you have been injured in a crash involving a truck, you may need a truck accident attorney to fight on your behalf in court. A capable vehicle accident lawyer can guide you through any legal complications involved in gaining favorable compensation in court.

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