Procedures to File Claim for Truck Accidents

Procedures to File Claim for Truck Accidents

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Statistics shows that the number of truck accidents is increasing in the country. Since the laws regarding accidents are a bit complex, those with better knowledge of the laws may evade our rights to claim for such accidents. Basically, we should have an idea of whom we can sue for the damages, regardless of whether we are the truck driver or the driver of the other vehicle that hit the truck. Therefore, it is important for everyone to have an understanding of the laws regarding such an accident, since it can help us at the time of distress or can help give guidance to our friends or relatives. You may also seek help of a truck accident lawyer for further help on the case. The procedure to file claims for truck accidents are discussed below.

Preliminary Deeds

Firstly, we must make the call to 911 and other local law enforcement and stay at the scene until everyone reaches. We must provide honest details to those law enforcement agencies and also should not forget to contact our insurance provider.

Collect Information

The next step is to collect all possible information from the accident scene. This includes information such as license plate number, details of the truck and if the truck is a part of any commercial operator, details of such consignment.

Search for a Witness

It is the most difficult task in filing the claim on a truck accident. It is not mandatory to present a witness, but an affidavit from such a witness can increase the strength of our suit. A witness can be any person who was present in the accident scene during the time of the accident.

Filing Report

It is necessary to file a report with complete information within 10 days of the accident to the Department of Motor Vehicle. The report should clearly mention whether there was any loss of life or any serious injuries from the accident.

It is important to know that this article is just for a basic understanding on how to act if someone is met with a truck accident. If you are a victim of such an accident, it is better to consult with a good truck accident lawyer to know about your rights and responsibilities. It is also better to involve such a lawyer to act on your behalf for the filing and follow up of our claim. Whether you are the driver of the truck or the other vehicle, there are many authorities liable to provide you with compensation, so to deal with all such situations, appointing a lawyer is advised. Click to know more on such lawyers.

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