Things To Notice When Driving Near A Truck

Things To Notice When Driving Near A Truck

Truck Wreck Lawyer
Truck Wreck Lawyer

Because of their significant power and size, accidents involving commercial trucks can lead to severe damages. People who get involved in truck accidents have an increased possibility to suffer from serious injuries. Hence, when driving near trucks, you have to be really careful.

A large number of truck accident cases arise every year which involves severe injuries. If you also face a similar situation, then make sure to contact a truck wreck lawyer who can help you to get compensation for your injuries. A truck injury lawyer will be able to file a lawsuit in the court against the parties responsible for the accident. Hence, you will be able to get a claim amount that can cover your damages. However, monetary compensation may not be able to reduce the intensity of losses you suffered from the accident, especially if death is involved. Therefore, it is always better to be careful than to be sorry later.

Make sure to drive safely, particularly when you are driving near a truck. Shared below are some of the important things you have to consider when driving near a truck:

Avoid Blind Spots

Trucks have a large number of blind spots when compared to other vehicles. So try to avoid the following areas when driving near a truck:

  • 30 ft behind the truck
  • 20 ft in front of the truck
  • Two lanes wide on the right side of the truck
  • The lane on the side of the driver, going back to almost half of the truck’s length

If you are not able to see the truck driver in the side mirror of the truck, then he might not also see your vehicle in the mirror. Hence, avoid these blind spots and allow plenty of space between the truck and you.

Be Careful When Passing

You should be very much cautious when passing a commercial truck. Because of their huge size and speed, trucks may not be able to stop quickly and maneuver easily like other vehicles.

Remember the following points when passing a truck:

  • Don’t try to pass a truck when it is going uphill or downhill, as the truck may increase or decrease its speed.
  • Approach truck along the left side for passing, where the driver will be able to see you easily.
  • When a truck passes you, make sure to stay on the right side and slow your vehicle for giving the driver more space to pass you.

Give Clear Signals

Give proper signals before you pass, turn, or switch lanes so that the truck driver will get enough time to anticipate your actions.

Make sure to consider these things while driving near a truck to ensure your safety.

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